Creative Marketing Solutions with
Results That Grow Brands.

Let the KMG Marketing team expand your Business Reach, identify new Customer Cohorts and Increase your ROI.
Let Piggy Printz handle all your Commercial Printing, Graphic Design and Brand Identity needs.

25 years Marketing Experience = The Road to Success

Using proven methods and 25+ years of strategic marketing initiatives with growth and diversification strategies, KMG Marketing identifies challenges and potential growth opportunities.

We implement programs and manage marketing teams. Let the KMG Marketing Team provide the skills that take your business to the next level.

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The KMG Advantage - In House printing services

Through Piggy Printz KMG can also service all of your commercial print identity and direct marketing needs:

• Strategic marketing & branding
• Ad Agency design Services
• Commercial corporate printing
• Direct marketing and mailing
• Pull-up screens, banners and signs
• Promotional products

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Why KMG Marketing Is Different

KMG has complete control of the 4 main aspects of online and practical marketing:

Online Marketing & Social Media Campaigns
Our team of marketing professionals can plot your launch or retargeting campaign.

Logos, Branding & Graphic Design
KMG Marketing has a team of experienced, professional graphic designers.

Web Design
We don’t farm out our website design. We have an in-house team of professional web developers and designers.

Advertising, Marketing & Brand Identity

Achieve growth focusing on leading organizations to expansion and profitability.

Promo Products

Brand Management

Logos, Graphics & Art Direction

Packaging & web graphics, logos, all aspects of your business’ image and product line.


Graphic Design

Printing, Direct Marketing, Promo Products

Integrated marketing programs and advertising campaigns and in house printing services.

Piggy Printz Printing

Direct Mail Marketing

Web Design & eCommerce

Website Design, Social Media integration and content writing.

Social Media Campaigns

Web Design

Proven Growth Strategies

When your organic growth has hit a wall and you need a fresh perspective on business diversification strategies, KMG Marketing can help.

We have proven, experienced business experts to write and deliver your next board meeting presentation.

With KMG Fractional CMO and CEO Leadership in place, we provide execution that delivers explosive results.

Keys to Success in Marketing

Investment Capital Strategy

Business Plan Development

Plan Execution

Budgeting & Forecasting

Staff Analysis & Reorganization Recommendations

Recruiting, Coaching & Development


KMG Graphic Art Portfolio

KMG Marketing can handle all your design and branding graphics. We design logos, website, social media and online advertising graphics. Our Graphic Artists can design real-world items like signs, displays and standees, promotional items and print-ready graphics, from banners to yard signs.

Start your Campaign with KMG

ReTarget your customer base. ReLaunch your product. ReDesign and Boost your Brand with a new look and logo. ReOrganize your corporate structure. Renew your Marketing Plan with our proven business strategies. Exciting, isn’t it? Let’s go!


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KMG Marketing manages marketing campaigns for any size business, from local to international. We also offer Leadership Consulting Services for a wide range of corporate entities. Below are just some of the companies for which we’ve designed and created graphics, websites, logos, packaging, ad campaigns and more.


Fractional Management Consulting Services Jump-Start Stalled Businesses

KMG Marketing provides Fractional CEO, COO, CMO or C-Suite collaborative advisory services to Boards, business owners, CEOs and their executive teams in small and mid-market companies with a laser focus on profitable sales growth, strategic execution, people development and business diversification.


Change Your Company's Trajectory
Convert Sagging Sales to Soaring Profits

KMG Marketing has a wide range of services will make your business a winner among the many companies vieing for profit online and in the ‘brick & mortar’ business world.


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