August 8, 2019 Kelly

3 Tips for Using Promotional Products Effectively

Even in the digital age, promotional products are still an essential component to any marketing campaign. When utilized strategically, promotional products like hats, pens, koozies, and tote bags can strengthen your brand image, make your company name more recognizable, generate extra interest in your business, and so much more. The following three tips offer insight into how to use promotional products effectively.

Don’t Get Too Specific

It may be tempting to create promotional products that name specific events and trade shows, but it’s a better use of your marketing budget to remain general. Imagine paying for 500 drawstring bags with “Tampa Trade Show 2017” printed in large, black letters, then having 200 left over after the event. Those bags would become worthless and rob your business of money that you can’t get back. It’s a far better option to use only your company’s name, logo, and tagline so you can reuse all remaining promotional items for future purposes.

Leverage Your Position at a Trade Show

If you are using your promotional products to engage trade show attendees, it will pay off to select your promotional items based upon your location on the trade show floor. If you are located by the entrance, handing out tote bags will increase the chances that your promo products are utilized and widely seen. On the other hand, if you’re near the back of the show, consider promo water bottles, hand sanitizers, snacks, and other useful items that attendees will appreciate.

Remember a Call to Action

While promotional products are important to make your company more visible, they can also strategically utilize a call to action in order to engage potential customers. For example, a promotional notepad can include your business name and logo, as well as a call to action to “call for a free consultation.” This makes it more likely that a few weeks or months after receiving your promotional item, people will follow up with your business!

Of course, no promotional product will fulfill its true potential if it isn’t created by a professional graphics, printing, and marketing company. KMG Marketing and ABCO Graphics & Printing, led by Kelly McKnight-Goelz, is located in Odessa, Florida to help organizations and private practices grow and retain a strong customer base. You can get everything you need, from attractive promotional products to a highly effective marketing strategy, from KMG Marketing. Call (727) 376-7200 now to learn more.

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