August 4, 2019 Kelly

3 Ways to Achieve Rapid Business Growth

Business growth doesn’t happen by accident. What strategies and techniques can you implement to grow your business rapidly yet responsibly? The following tips will help you scale your business at a pace that allows for continued growth without becoming so overwhelming that it derails productivity.

Understand Your Ideal Customers

How can you possibly know how to gear your marketing strategies without understanding your ideal customers inside and out? It’s essential to build personas that reflect the customers you want to attract. All of your marketing efforts need to purposefully cater to those personas. This helps you cast a net large enough for targeted advertising without dragging in non-customers who will only waste your time and burn your resources.

Never Lose Site of Business Financials

It goes without saying that you need to carefully arrange and control your financials in order to maintain continued growth. Every penny that comes in and out needs to be tracked. Seeking funding and then spending company money recklessly is exactly what causes so many businesses to fail within the first five years.

Build the Right Team

Your company can only be as great as the team running the show. Expect to bolster staffing rapidly as your business expands, but commit to holding out for the best candidates for the job. Filling vacancies on a whim will drain company resources and ultimately lead to inefficiencies as you battle turnover and continue searching for long-term employees. By pouring enough time and energy into creating a results-driven hiring process – one that attracts high-achievers and connects with your company values – you will support the growth you want to see.

Connect With the Right Professional Support

Your business growth plan should include fractional leadership and other strategies that deliver best results when supported by a professional. Call (727) 376-7200 to learn more about KMG Marketing Services and begin working with the experts who know exactly how to catapult your business growth and sustain momentum over time.

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