Ad Agency & Branding

KMG’s Fractional CMO Service Offerings also include your own personal corporate design team. Our experienced design experts will assist with everything from brand feel/look and Magnetic Marketing concepts, all the way through the creative innovation process. Our original creative designs will help you stand out.

  • Brand Identity – Who are you, who do you appeal to and why?
  • Magnetic Marketing – Subconsciously and consciously appeal to the deepest needs of your target audience.
  • Logo Design – Create an original and innovative image that ties your Corporate identity with your organizational value/position statement to your target market.

Our team of professionals represent many years of experience in and around the creative agency design and printing industries. Our Graphic Designers are able to transform your ideas into professional layouts that showcase your products and services. Regardless of your design and printing needs, the KMG Marketing Team is ready to serve you. Whatever KMG determines is necessary to bring your business to the next level, our printing and marketing team can do it – right away.