Fractional CEO & CMO


What we

C-Level Business Consulting, fully integrated diversification strategies and programs, combined with cutting edge designs, comprehensive digital and web campaign development and sophisticated storytelling that’s dialed into the sum-total of your branding, marketing and business efforts, not just one part of it. That’s what KMG Marketing is all about.

How we

Our mission is to strategically grow businesses, while bringing the stories of our client brands to market and to significantly impact their target audiences. This way our clients are able to grow their industry influence and increase brand loyalty that ultimately maximizes revenue & profitability.

KMG Marketing provides fractional CEO, COO & CMO or C-Suite collaborative advisory services to boards, business owners, CEOs, and their executive teams in small and mid-market companies with a laser focus on profitable sales growth, strategic execution, people development and business diversification.

  • Highly Integrated

Unified strategies that directly take into account all of the KPI’s across your entire organization.

  • Fully Individualized

Programs individualized to your industry, your brand, & your evolving business models to stand above your competition.

  • Business Focused

Objectives and key results directed at your relevant annual business goals and key metrics.