May 1, 2019 Kelly

In This Digital Age, Promotional Products Still Matter

Though we live in a world dominated by smartphones and social media platforms, promotional products still play a very important role in small business marketing. The following reasons prove exactly why promotional products like water bottles, holiday ornaments, mugs, bags, hats, cups, hand sanitizers, and pens are so valuable, even in the digital age.

Utilize As A Secondary Business Card

It’s always important to have legitimate business cards on hand to convey the most important information about your business to new connections, but a promotional product can serve as a secondary form of a business card that is creative, fun, and useful. It’s likely that leaving a potential customer with a fun promo product and a business card will strengthen your first impression and further encourage that person to become a repeat customer.

Boost Your Brand Recognition

Brand recognition is everything for small businesses. You not only want to distinguish your brand from your competition, but you also want your brand to be easily recognizable and never far from your customers’ minds. Customizing a useful and everyday item with your business name and logo is a clever and subtle way to ensure your brand is always visible.

Price Efficient

If you’re on a tight budget, promotional products can achieve an impressively wide outreach campaign at a low cost. Everybody loves a free giveaway, so you can capitalize on this natural desire for gifts by customizing cheap items like candy or pens. Whether you pass them out at trade shows and events or offer each customer a treat to say thanks, this strategy will pay off!

Of course, it is important that your promotional products are designed carefully to appeal to your target demographics. KMG Marketing and its wholly owned division of ABCO Graphics and Printing specialize in the creation of attractive, useful, and high-quality promotional products that meet your business needs. Call (727) 376-7200 to place your order today!

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