May 11, 2019 Kelly

Land Customer Referrals With These Practical Tactics

As a small or medium sized business, customer referrals are an important component of your overall growth. If you existing customers are happy, they will mention your name to others, which will in turn bring more leads to your doorstep. However, don’t make the mistake of ignoring the happy customer that provided the referral in your effort to turn your new lead into a new customer.

Customer referrals have many purposes, and not all of them are about scoring new paying customers. A great deal of the value of a referral is that one of your customers was so pleased with your goods and/or services that she went out of her way to recommend you to a friend, colleague, or family member. If you spend more time recognizing and celebrating your happy existing customers, you will automatically generate more referrals and leads to grow your business.

Don’t Just Ask For a Referral, Earn It

Asking and incentivizing customers to refer their friends to your business is hardly a new idea, but it’s a wise idea to focus as much energy as possible on deserving those referrals, rather than simply asking for them and hoping for the best. If your customer service and quality of goods or services is phenomenal and your customers enjoy significant benefits from using your business, then the referrals will practically write themselves.

Look At Referrals As Helping Others, Not Yourself

Yes, you want your business to grow, succeed, and profit. But don’t lose sight of the fact that you offer a genuinely important value to the customers that turn to you for help. Rather than only looking at a lead as helping your business, think about how your business will help the new customer. If you are a medical practice, for example, a new customer does equate to more money, but it also equates to you having the opportunity to provide more people with vital medical attention.

Show Your Appreciation

If your customer has provided a referral, it means she took time and energy to pass along information and possibly even encourage her friend or family member into action. That deserves more than a simple “Thank you.” By finding a significant way to show your appreciation, that customer will be more likely to provide a second or third referral in the future. Whether you provide a gift card, a handwritten thank you note, or a delicious treat, it’s the gesture that counts.

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