July 26, 2019 Kelly

Quick Tips to Strengthen Your Brand Name

The concept of a brand name is complex and abstract, but the branding pioneer Walter Landor summed it up best: “Products are made in the factory, but brands are created in the mind.” What connotations, ideas, emotions, and reactions spring into the mind of your customers and community members when your company’s name arises? The better those reactions, the more powerful your business will become. These quick tips will help you strengthen your brand name in order to fully capitalize on consumer perceptions.

Build a Cohesive Visual Presence

Any American can quickly conjure an image of the Nike logo or the colors on a bottle of Coca Cola because those brands have worked for years to align their visual elements and become recognizable in just one glance. You can achieve this feat with your own company by asking a graphics and design expert like the KMG Marketing Team to build your logo and color scheme into any publicly visible element of your business. For example, business cards, direct mailers, email signatures, social media profiles, and literature. A cohesive visual presence will not only make your brand appear more reliable, but it will help potential and existing customers quickly and easily pick your name out of a crowd.

Become a Leading Industry Expert

If your business is a train chugging along the tracks, then rich and engaging content is the fuel. Since we live in a world where infinite amounts of information can be found in mere seconds, you need to curate and provide relevant industry news and information for your target audience members to utilize. This includes social media posts, blogs, articles, tweets, and more. The more valuable information that you share, the more that your company’s name will become known as a trustworthy and reliable source of information. Becoming viewed as an industry expert will help significantly boost your brand as the “go to” name.

Create a Culture

The biggest and most successful brands in the world are all known for offering consumers something specific and unique. Starbucks, for example, can get away with charging higher prices for its coffee because it has built its reputation on delivering high quality products and community interactions. Amazon, on the other hand, has built its brand as the ultimate online shopping destination with  free shipping. As you work to strengthen your own brand, you need to make a conscious decision about the culture your company offers. Are you the funky, edgy, and unapologetically eccentric brand, or the brand that encourages adventure and risk taking? Once you pin down your identity, build it into your words and actions in order to cultivate a culture that all customers want to experience.

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