August 1, 2019 Kelly

Revolutionize Your Email Marketing with These Simple Steps

There’s no denying that email is a very powerful communication tool. Despite having been replaced as the fastest method of online communication by texting, instant messaging, and social media, email is still a major component in the communication habits of most Americans. Even older Americans are beginning to embrace email to keep up with their younger family members and friends. This means that the world is really at your fingertips if you utilize the right email marketing tools with your target demographic.

In fact, the Direct Marketing Association asserts that it’s possible to obtain a return on an investment of $38 for every $1 you invest in email marketing! If you are ready to unleash the full power of your email marketing campaign, these tips will help you get there.

Don’t Let Customers Forget Their Carts

Believe it or not, data from 34 different cart abandonment studies show that nearly 70 percent of customers go through a full online shopping process only to disappear before they actually pay for their products and finalize the sale. There are many different reasons for this phenomenon, including comparison shopping, forgetfulness, and financial restrictions. The good news is that a large portion of those lost sale can be recovered by sending the user a reminder email. Many businesses have had success offering customers an extra 10 percent off their purchase if they follow the link in the email to complete the transaction.

Segment Your Customer Base

It’s very common for businesses to blast all customers with the same emails, which means that all customers are lumped into the same groups and presumed to have the same interests. This isn’t especially effective and can even cause customers to unsubscribe because your content isn’t relevant. The better option is to segment your subscribers into groups based on interests and demographics. A study by Marketing Sherpa indicates that this strategy can improve email conversion rates by as much as 208 percent! From gender, age, and location to site interactions and purchasing behaviors, there are many different ways you can effectively differentiate your subscribers and send them emails that they find meaningful.

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