• Interim/Fractional CEO, COO, CMO or General Management Consulting Services– All organizations evolve throughout time. If your organization is not continuing to evolve, then be prepared to face competitive and other business growth challenges into the future. Sometimes, current “C” level leadership is looking for a fresh perspective, or they are looking to cut back on work schedules, and they don’t have complete business leadership coverage in place either during the interim, or while contemplating the ascension process. At times, it is also necessary during acquisition processes to put into place an interim “C” level expert to run a business until a permanent resource is found. KMG is here to help.
  • Business plan development– KMG will conduct a thorough analysis of your current business models and organizational goals, provide diversification strategies if necessary, rewrite your models and/or plans and even present all strategies to your Board of Directors and Executive Ownership/Leadership teams.
  • Execute the Plans – KMG will stay on with your organization to organize, execute and implement your tailored strategic plans.
  • Budgeting & forecasting– A fully integrated budget tied to your organization’s individual growth strategies, by division, business unit or niche will help ensure the dollars invested are producing the desired results.
  • Staff analysis & reorganization recommendations– Do you have the right leadership talent in place? Has your organization outgrown the capacity of your current leadership team, are they holding your organizational and strategic growth back? Has an executive team member outgrown their current position, are they ready for the next level? Are there specific tasks that your organization would be better served to outsource?
  • Recruiting, Coaching & Development– KMG will expertly direct and mentor your leadership teams. Whether you’re looking to hire your first Marketing Director, General Manager or Head of Operations, or you are in need of replacing a recently departed leadership member, KMG is on your team to help.

Advertising, Marketing & Brand Identity

Achieve growth focusing on leading organizations to expansion and profitability.

Promo Products

Brand Management

Logos, Graphics & Art Direction

Packaging & web graphics, logos, all aspects of your business’ image and product line.


Graphic Design

Printing, Direct Marketing, Promo Products

Integrated marketing programs and advertising campaigns and in house printing services.

Piggy Printz Printing

Direct Mail Marketing

Web Design, Webmastering & eCommerce

Website Design, Social Media integration, content writing.

Social Media Campaigns

Web Design

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