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Social Media is an immediate, dynamic way to reach customers in real time. By blasting coupons, special deals, special events and limited time offers you can get an instant reaction to your marketing and vital metrics on how an ad campaign is being received shortterm. We have a comprehensive plan of regular postings for a cumulative effect that boosts brand awareness long-term as well.

We target the big 4 Social Media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube, as well as Pinterest, Linkedin and other platforms depending on your target audience and product demographics

Our Social Media campaign consists of targeted postings, weekly or semi-weekly, with custom graphics reflecting products, menu items or special deals your business is offering that week.

We can also do animations or post videos to highlight various aspects of your business, your products or your services.

An additional tool is posting authortative articles on your blog, then blasting them on Social Media, increasing your website’s reputation as an authoritive site on your particular line of business.

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