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Every company wants success, but it rarely occurs in a bubble. The truth is, riding a wave of success on one single initial brand for decades is unlikely. Even the biggest and best companies out there have evaluated their existing brands and adjusted to better respond to customer needs and behaviors.

For example, have you noticed the many subtle changes to the iconic Starbucks logo over time? Or the slightly adjusted packaging of beverage brands like Pepsi? If your own company finds itself needing a fresh start, don’t feel embarrassed or hopeless. Done the right way, a rebrand can send your company to new heights and inject fresh energy into the atmosphere.

What Is a Brand, Really?
The term “brand” is the type of word that everybody implicitly understands but can’t quite describe in words. A brand is not only the concrete products or services that your company provides, but it is also the overall promise to consumers of what they should expect from you. Brands like Nike, for example, promise high-quality, fashionable, and sports-approved clothing.

Why Spend the Time and Money to Rebrand?
Rebranding might occur proactively in anticipation of positive or negative changes, or reactively, after such changes have already occurred.

Predicted growth, a new line within the business, a new target demographic, or a need to maintain relevance in the market can all trigger the decision to commit to rebranding. Other significant events like mergers or acquisitions, legal issues, and negative publicity might also trigger reactive rebranding. Chipotle, for instance, was recently forced to rebrand after their food caused many customers to become seriously ill.

It isn’t a process that garners immediate results, but an essential process that delivers sustainable results over time.

Tips and Tricks to Rebrand Successfully

Branding must be based on extensive research into your market and target demographics. With your goal in mind, you can talk to customers, industry experts, employees, and others to gain valuable insight. All of this new information is channeled into a comprehensive action plan that supports thoughtful, strategic growth.

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